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Ignorance and intolerance lead to radicalism

Ignorance and intolerance lead to radicalism
Published date: 10.06.2019 00:00 | Author: PR service

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Ignorance and intolerance lead to prejudice and radical attitudes that are obstacle to the unity of diversities as it was said at the third public debate "Dialogue in the Community-Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism", organized by the Center for Civic Education.

Fikret Lulanaj on behalf of Ministry for Human and Minority Rights emphasized the importance of preserving religious tolerance in Montenegro. Lulanaj believes that it is one of the basic segments of state integrity and the basis of every democratic society. Education in this process is especially important said Lulanaj adding that Montenegrin society is multicultural and is developing towards interculturality where people enrich themselves and others through learning about different cultures.

Respecting human rights and suppressing any form of discrimination  especially in the educational system where the consequences of discriminatory acts are the most far-reaching and most-serious in the democratic circles of society, requires recognition and confrontation with these barriers, the implementation of multiculturalism that is interculturality  the promotion of culture, history, languages ​​and other characteristics members of minority nations.

In order to suppress all forms of discrimination and non-respect of human and minority rights we should know better, said Lulanaj. According to him, multiethnicity and interculturality very important characteristics of our living space can only be developed and improved if internal integration is realized with respect and preservation of the special features, differences and values ​​of all who live on our teritory.

Multicultural societies are complex and the existing diversity within them can be preserved only by common efforts  through mutual understanding and respect.

The debate was organized at the Gymnasium "May 25th", Municipality of Tuzi, and gathered around sixty interested high school students .

The next public debate will take place tomorrow in the Municipality of Plav. The project is one of the projects/programs of non-governmental organizations under the Public Competition of the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights for financial support that contribute promotion to the area of ​the rights minority people.

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights