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Exibition of children's paintings entitled "Stop Violence against Women" opened in Podgorica

Published date: 25.11.2007 14:27 | Author: Kampanja protiv nasilja nad zenama

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Today, in Gallery "Art" in Podgorica, the Exhibition of children's paintings entitled "Stop Violence against Women" has been opened...

Participating in the Council of Europe Campaign on combating violence against women and in the global campaign "16 days of activism on gender based violence", the Gender Equality Office organised the open competition for children from 10 to 15 years old from Montenegro entitled "Stop Violence against Women". 1239 painting arrived during the open competition.

The Office formed the Commission with the task to select the paintings and award them with: first, second and third award, award for the best school collection, and the award for the teacher. The Commission performed its work and beside awarded selected 273 paintings of pupils from 25 schools that are exhibited.

Commission brought the decision that the following paintings are awarded:
I award - Nikola Janjušević, Elementary School "Boško Buha" Pljevlja
II award - Jelena Jovanović, Elementary School "Vuko Jovović" Danilovgrad
III award - Nikola Šćekić, Elementary School "Vuk Karadžić" Berane.

Elementary School "Vuk Karadzic" from Berane sent 272 paintings and is awarded for the school collection, while the award for the teacher is given to the teacher Ljiljana Đurđević in elementary schools Braća Ribar from Zaton, Krsto Radojević from Tomaševo and Aleksa Bećo Đilas from Ravna Rijeka.

Commission, beside these works, selected 24 paintings that will appear on the Office calendars for 2008.

Here you can download the catalogue for the exibition