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Spaniards spend 50 million Euro a day on prostitution

Published date: 04.09.2008 10:27 | Author: Zanimljivosti

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The southern region has no fewer than 18,200 involved in the oldest profession of the world
according to the official numbers.

Official estimates say that there are just over
100,000 prostitutes in the country, while some
other estimates have tripled that number. Many
studies indicate that 6% of the population are
regular users of prostitutes and that the
industry moves some 18 billion ? a year, based mostly in roadside 'alternative' night clubs.
These venues are 'inspected' on a periodic basis
by the Guardia Civil and it is from these inspections that a rough official number is obtained.

Prostitution is considered is second most
profitable business in the world, behind only
arms trafficking, but ahead of drugs.

In Sevilla the City Hall has started a poster
campaign against prostitution with the slogan
'Are you worth so little that you have to pay? -
Prostitution exists because you do pay.